Talking about Joe Arpaio’s office misused up to $64 million, Maricopa County says

Posted: September 23, 2010 in News and politics

It has taken years, but the Maricopa County Supervisors have revealed the Sheriff’s Department (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) and their misuse of funds.  At least


Specifically it is the jail operations fund that were particular cause of concern.    These monies obtained through a sales tax voted in and it is a federal crime to misuse these funds.   The voters know the jail needs improvement, not vacations for the deputies.

With the DOJ investigating the racial profiling angle of Joe Arpaio and his Sheriff’s perhaps the next step would be an audit of all supervisors, especially Arpaio’s, by the Internal Revenue Service.  Who better than to find out what monies have been re-routed.

For those who applaud Joe, read the article.  What explanation does he have now?  There is no excuse. 

Hell no, no more Joe!

"That means there is a state law, and a voter-protected funding source being violated, and remedies will have to be taken," according to Supervisor Sandi Smith.

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