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Sick as a dog, laying in my bed.
‘Puter in my lap, pillow at my head.

Having no fun, nothing much I can do.
Just visiting Facebook and writing to you.

Reading all the comments, silly and sad.Image
Writing ’bout the politicians, most of them bad.

Pearce, Thomas and many more have left us in disgrace.
Until it’s Joe Arpaio’s turn I cannot complete this verse.

Looking forward to the time, when I can post online.
Living in Arizona and life is just fine.

Susan Rastella
May 2, 2012



Mistakes in Joe’s Jail?

  Sheriff Joe Arpaio‘s Jail Releases Inmate by Mistake 

It was reported today “The Arizona Republic” that “An inmate mistakenly released by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies was arrested by Flagstaff police Friday night, officials said.

Scott Kaylor Bruce, 59, was mistakenly released by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies due to a court clerical error that failed to indicate Bruce’s bond status, according to the Sheriff’s Office.” aricopa-county-inmate-mistakenly-released1218-ON.html#ixzz18RrVLIdu

This is far from the first time this has occurred at the Maricopa County Jail. The news part is that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s employees are no longer covering up such mistakes and allowing it to leak from the jail.

You can’t blame the clerical staff, they are overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated.  As a retired bail bond agent in Phoenix,  I have seen the volume of paperwork they deal with…….a never ending job.

I can tell you this, it takes up to 72 hours to get released from the 4th Avenue Jail. The jail explains the reason as they check to make sure the inmate doesn’t have any reasons to not be released (ie. warrants, court restraints, etc.). Now if they really used the time to hold the inmate for these background checks do you really think a mistake like this would occur?

Remember, it was recently reported by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that 50-60 MILLION DOLLARS that was taxed and intended for jail improvements was  “redirected” by Sheriff Arpaio. Money could have been used to prevent these types of mistakes.

It’s refreshing to see how more of his “dedicated” employees are no longer watching his back.  Believe me, it really needs watching.


“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Network   (This speech was probably what won Peter Finch the Oscar for Best Actor that year.)

This is the way I feel about the Republicans and their vote to not allow an increase to social security benefits.  The Tea Party, of course, is all about those that already have it.  Yes, they give the benefits to those who don’t need them —themselves. 

Stand up and let the government know how you feel! 

Voice Your Outrage

Comment to GOP about no increase for social security to

Here is what I think:

I am no longer able to work for health reasons (C.O.P.D., heart problems, etc.). I have been on Social Security Disability since 2005. It is almost impossible to maintain my very small apartment on what benefits I do receive. Sometimes dinner isn’t always available. I make do with little cooling; and in Arizona that’s not easy. I have no funds for any form of entertainment — I can’t even afford a telephone.

Do I not deserve the basic necessities that most individuals in the United States enjoy? I am also proud to say that I am veteran from the U.S. Army. As a soldier we learned to protect our nation. Our representatives ARE NOT protecting me.

I have given my fair share of taxes, without question. I have not lived the “large life” of a millionaire…yet where do I get the basics? I’m not looking for tax breaks…I just want to get within 20% BELOW the poverty level.

Do I have to go hungry another year? Reconsider your actions. Enact legislation that will allow a reasonable cost of living allowance. After all, didn’t your expenses go up over the past two years?


Doesn’t anyone in government care?

It has taken years, but the Maricopa County Supervisors have revealed the Sheriff’s Department (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) and their misuse of funds.  At least


Specifically it is the jail operations fund that were particular cause of concern.    These monies obtained through a sales tax voted in and it is a federal crime to misuse these funds.   The voters know the jail needs improvement, not vacations for the deputies.

With the DOJ investigating the racial profiling angle of Joe Arpaio and his Sheriff’s perhaps the next step would be an audit of all supervisors, especially Arpaio’s, by the Internal Revenue Service.  Who better than to find out what monies have been re-routed.

For those who applaud Joe, read the article.  What explanation does he have now?  There is no excuse. 

Hell no, no more Joe!

"That means there is a state law, and a voter-protected funding source being violated, and remedies will have to be taken," according to Supervisor Sandi Smith.

Read more:


Hell No, Joe’s Gotta’ Go

Posted: December 29, 2009 in News and politics

On a recent comment to Hell No, Joe’s Gotta Go, I was accused of being a moron.  I hope you agree with my reply.  y–

If being aware to the abuses of the Sheriff is being a moron…………yes I’m guilty.   

Why does it appear that most of Joe’s supporters have to get personal and insulting to state their opinion? I would imagine it’s a way of imitating the mentor they are supporting.

I believe we all have a right (1st Amendment)to speak our opinions. We do, however, as a member of a community; to treat each other with respect. Some on the posts are getting a little out of hand.

So far I have not seen a reason to review comments before they are posted. I don’t believe censorship is a solution (although obviously a moderator might). However, in keeping with the rules of the site as well as keeping it on a productive level —- PLEASE DO NOT GET INSULTING, PERSONAL, OR VULGAR.

I realize this is a topic which many of us feel strongly about, however, we (me most of all probably) must act like adults.

Thank you for your contributions. I will try to post more resource and media info, however; I he been a little ill and haven’t had theenergy to do it. As the saying goes,
next year I’ll do better.

Happy Holidays and have a safe New Year’s Eve.

P.S. Remember, New Year’s Eve is a night for DUI arrest. Save some money, take a cab or have a designated driver.

Arpaio Blog Comment

Posted: November 1, 2009 in News and politics

KPHO’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio Blog

October 30, 2009 9:23 AM

"Susan Rastella said…

Congratulation KPHO-5 for a job well done! Joe Arpaio has been a hot topic here in the valley for many years. He operates with his "no impunity" theory; and until now, it has worked.

You have shown the citizens of this county another side of the Sheriff in which he acts like he is a "god". As you reported, get in his way and he will stomp on you (or at least have you arrested and your reputation smeared).

I’ve worked many years here in Phoenix as a Bail Bond Agent. I have seen too many instances of his "Information Management" system being wrong with great hardship to those who should have been released on bond but weren’t. I’ve also seen instances where they were released without the bond posted (hmmmm not possible according to the jail). Just another few ways Arpaio’s influence extends out to others.

His actions affect too many of us, negatively. All I know is that HELL NO, JOE’S GOTTA’ GO

Link to Arpaio blog:

Sheriff Joe has been busy in the media again (so what’s new?)
The first thing I want to share is the start of this week’s news buzz.  Channel 5 (KPHO) aired a commercial for it’s upcoming investigation on Joe Arpaio and his use/abuse of power.  New Times then started spreading the word on-line and news feed style.  Naturally, people like myself, began urging others to watch the program.  Results:  Joe Arpaio in the spotlight — where he likes it!  One problem, it’s not looking good for Joe.  This time he’s the target — for the F.B.I.  Does it get any better?
Joe Arpaio Target of FBI Probe, Says Channel 5 in Report to Air Thursday

By Stephen Lemons in Feathered Bastard                                                   Wed., Oct. 28 2009 @ 12:59PM

Set the DVR this Thursday night for KPHO CBS 5’s 10 p.m. newscast, which will feature an eight minute mini-documentary on Sheriff Joe’s abuses of power while in office. The award-winning team of producer Gilbert Zermeno and reporter Morgan Loew boasts sources showing that the FBI is talking to folks about Arpaio’s vendettas against his critics and political opponents. They’ll lay out the result of their year-long investigation in Thursday’s broadcast.

"Speak out against Sheriff Joe and end up with deputies investigating your life," says CBS 5’s promo for the report. "It’s happened to the mayor of Phoenix, police chiefs, judges, journalists and others. Coincidence? Or is America’s toughest sheriff breaking the law? The FBI wants to know."
Zermeno says CBS 5 traveled to Washington, DC to get the opinion of a well-known former federal prosecutor as to whether or not Sheriff Joe should do the perp walk. According to Zermeno, the ex-U.S. Attorney is someone "who doesn’t have a dog in this fight." CBS 5 specifically had him analyze the various cases they know the feds are investigating.
The segment will include a recounting of the middle-of-the-night arrests by plain-clothes MCSO deputies of New Times’ founders, Village Voice Executive Editor Michael Lacey, and Village Voice CEO Jim Larkin. Charges of revealing grand jury secrets against the pair were tossed by County Attorney Andrew Thomas less than 24 hours after the arrests, due to the overwhelming criticism of his office’s involvement in the scandal.
The CBS 5 piece will also spotlight an interview done with former New Times staff writer John Dougherty, his 2004 investigation into Arpaio’s land holdings, and the fact that he was later targeted by the sheriff’s office for retaliation. The MCSO even tried to claim, lamely, that Dougherty was somehow a threat to the sheriff for asking questions of him and seeking public records on his real estate ventures.
The MCSO’s obsession with John Dougherty, who now freelances for the New York Times as well as other outlets, was documented at length by veteran New Times journalist Paul Rubin in his March 2008 cover story "Head on a Skewer."
I’m looking forward to the KPHO segment. Eight minutes is a long time to block off in the world of TV journalism, and the Zermeno-Loew team has garnered an Emmy for investigative reporting and a Regional Edward R. Murrow award. All of which means we’re likely in for a power-packed eight minutes of TV journalism.
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